Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Time Out!

Let's take a break from all this Martha Stewart-y stuff.  

I need to take a stroll back to Summer of 2008.  

What happened in Summer 2008?  A six week study abroad program in Salzburg, Austria, that's what.  I've been missing it horribly, especially since John and I have been talking about going over to Germany... another story altogether.  And a wonderful blog, praguepies, gives me pictures and stories from another European nation. Ahh.

So let's relive the journey through my pictures that I have to laboringly retrieve from my slow and forgotten laptop.  Another painful process: I have to screen out all the wonderful pictures that include my ex-boyfriend.  Boo.  Goodbye Eiffel Tower.  Goodbye Colosseum.  Beer Garden out.  But it's going to be great! 

Let's start with a collage of churches:

Recognize any?

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