Friday, September 3, 2010

La Dolorosa and Family

I've had the pleasure of shopping for car insurance this morning....

Turns out that moving out of Florida is a big help!  It seems a common theme in my life right now.  Got a promotion, cheaper car insurance, landed my first legit opera role.... wha?!

That's right!  I was cast in the USC production of Jose Serrano's Spanish zarzuela, La Dolorosa!!  I will be singing the roles of both Nicasia and Dolores.  It's not been done very often, but there is a recording of Placido Domingo singing it so it can't suck.  For a detailed plot analysis, click here.  Landing a role in this new place is extremely gratifying!  Who knew I would beat out so many people who are actually enrolled?  Sweet.

Another area of note:  I just discovered through a phone call last night that my Nana, who doesn't have internet,  has seen my blog, and is proud of me.  How cool?!  She is coming to visit me, along with my parents, in a few weeks.  She is an awesome woman.

* a wintry sunset in Payne's Prairie State Preserve outside of Gainesville, FL.  
I now long for the fall and it's wonderful weather. 

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