Friday, January 18, 2013

Nicole Tackles Sewing

Look at that beautiful seam!  I've never had as much self-satisfaction as when I finished this pair of floral pajama pants.

Let's back up.  I have had a vintage Singer on loaner to me from John's sister since September.  I was too busy to open it, and then I went to Germany for two months, and then it was the Holidays, and then I had to recover . . . so I pushed it off.  Quite recently I got the gumption to open it up and try it out.

Early experiments included sewing on brown paper bags to teach myself.  I also made some (very) cute drawstring pouches with some fabrics I had left over.  I was getting some basics down pretty quickly, not to mention, a good list of what not to do.  Armed with Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing Crafts from the library, I started on a much more ambitious project: Pajama bottoms.

I learned many new skills and even made my own bias tape from material scraps.  Check out that cool drawstring.  That's right, I made that.  Though their fit it not quite Anthropologie inspired, I can't help but look at these pants and feel such a feeling of accomplishment.  Expect many more.

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