Friday, November 11, 2011

maybe, just maybe...

I'm constantly trying to imagine new ways to use my photos, and subsequently, a new way to use my life.
When I have a free moment, I let my mind wander of what my life would hold if I gave in to a life of art and beauty.  Music, food, photography, arts I always wanted to try and never found the time which to experiment. . .

What would I be like?  I imagine more rested.  And more enthused with life.  To be fair, I like making money.  My job allows me to make a decent amount of money while interacting with people, food, and the like.  But what else could I be doing?  And making my own schedule sounds magnificent!!

In the spirit of all of these musings, I made something for you all:

Desktop Calendars!! (featuring my photos)

The first is Columbia, SC fall foliage.  The second, Florida's fall foliage on the Sante Fe River.
(Just right click on the image and save as Desktop Wallpaper)

It's a wonderful feature, thanks to Big Huge Labs!  Perhaps I will make one every month now?

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