Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm not Dead.

At least not physically.

I watched after these guys.  And then a small litter of three, of which only one made it.  They suffered from a bad dose of coccydea, a bacterial parasite.  It caused them to have extreme diarrhea and they couldn't retain anything.  It also caused me to have to clean my floor twice a day.  Exhausting.  And sad.

After turning in the last little one, I finally have my kitchen back!  Everything has been painstakingly scrubbed with bleach and disinfected.  Finally.  After and month and a half.  And now I de-flea my house.  Awesome.

And maybe I'll finally get to use my wok that John gave me for my birthday, back in July.

And maybe I'll get to upload and share my pictures from Charleston.

And maybe I'll actually get to communicate with friends and family other than a passing, "yes, I'm still alive, I'm just working all the time."  Especially echoed that I found out an Uncle has bladder cancer.

But, most likely, I'll just keep working and dragging my personal life over the coals.

Yep, sounds like a game plan.

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