Monday, May 23, 2011

River Flora and the Start of Summer

Normally Summer would be a much anticipated and happy season.  But not in the Southeast.  It's already reaching sweltering temperatures of 97 degrees.  

Ridiculous.  It's not even summer yet.  It's not even June yet!

These pictures are from the Easter weekend at the River house in Florida.  I'm still behind in all of my postings.  Typical.

My job has forced me to travel a lot in the past few months.  Since March, I have not spend more than a week straight in my apartment.  Hotel living in tough.  Even tougher to blog in such conditions.  I haven't had any opportunity to cook any food for myself.  Nothing but fast food and take out for me.  Not cool.

My intention is to use my day off tomorrow as a spa and relaxation day.  Then back to the grind in a different location.

By the way, I've been promoted.

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