Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Eggs and Cream Cheese on English Muffins

Did I mention I like Breakfast?

because I do.

On days off, or days where I run the close shift, I lavish sleeping in and having the apartment to myself.  As a matter of fact, this shouldn't even be called breakfast, because I ate it during a clearly delineated lunch period.

And it was good.

Have I told you of my love for cream cheese?  I could really put it on anything.  I've been known to dip many things in it: cheez-its, animal crackers, black olives, any kind of chip, carrots, celery, apples, my own finger-- wait-- you weren't supposed to hear that part...

Anyway, this cream cheese is featured on top of a whole wheat English muffin and topped with lightly scrambled eggs.  Had I not been so lazy, I would have grated some sharp white cheddar on top.  Alas, it was my day off.  And then I would have had to wash the grater.

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