Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today is my birthday!  

I turn an insignificant 23, but life seems pretty good.  I have been in a new city and state for a few weeks now.  In that time I've made lots of friends with my work crew at Panera Bread.  I've actually started a project "commisioned" by my General Manager to take pictures of all the employees and some product for a wall in the dining room.  Small fries, but I enjoy it.

My boyfriend gave me a waffle maker this morning, so we enjoyed homemade birthday waffles!  It's the super-pimp flip kind.  I've had my eye on one since Christmas, and he remembered.  Other presents that came in the mail include a beautiful pearl strand necklace with tassels on the end, meant to tie in the front and a Target gift card.
Yep, life is good.

I haven't been singing since I moved, a product of busyness and stress and just lack of studio space in our small apartment.  As of now, I'm okay with that-- money has to be made, but give it some time and my guilty conscience will force me back to the practice room to resurrect some arias for new teachers to come.

One of my last memories in Gainesville, FL is with a local and talented artist and friend, Anne Seraphine.  Throughout the month of June, I sat for some of her paintings.  On a farewell lunch she gifted me with one of them!

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  1. That is a beautiful portrait what a wonderful gift.

    please keep singing.

    oh and happy belated birthday.