Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kühl ist der Wald

John and I have been enjoying our hikes immensely.  It's been cold, and layering has been tricky, but it makes for such an invigorating hike through old trails throughout the mountainside.

Most of the panoramic pictures of mine lately have been foggy and hazy.  As a matter of fact. we have had rain, drizzle, or just straight cloud for about a week straight.  Perhaps that is the hazard of being at 1200 ft in elevation.

Perhaps my favorite part of the German countryside thus far is the amount of mushrooms that are rampant in the undergrowth.  Not only do I think they are really cute, but they make excellent photo subjects as well.  Thankfully John is patient enough with me as I run off the trail and bend low to the ground to photograph these beauties.  Also, I am taking full advantage of my new found Adobe Photoshop skills in collage making. I hope it looks a bit more professional, as that may end up being the eventual goal.  Who knows?

I love these.

And in other news, I'm singing again.  I have had two short coachings in the past four days, which is more coaching than I have had in about a year and a half.  It takes so much bravery on my part to admit that I had quit for awhile.  It takes even more bravery, I think, to coach with one of the best the first time out of the gate here.  Either way, I'm in a better place.  And the beer is good too!

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