Monday, October 22, 2012

Panoramic Germany

I've been having fun with the Stitch assist function on my camera.  I've never had so many opportunities to take fabulous shots like this.  We have been fortunate to have wonderful weather so far since we've been here.  However, the forecast is for snow by this weekend.  We have also been doing so much hiking, which has been awesome for my body.  John and I are both so pleasantly surprised when we look in the mirror now.  If we can just find a good ratio of beer drinking to hiking, we'll be quite buff by the time we get back to the states.

Our daily routine seems to be taking the hiking trail from our small town of Oberweissenbrunn through the town of Frankenheim, until we reach a slightly bigger town of Bischofsheim.  There we can go to the market and buy food and beer.  We have a smaller bakery and tiny market here, but they keep odd hours, and we often miss them.  But what else have we got to do besides walk around and take in the sights?

One moment please: The Barcarolle, "Belle Nuit, o nuit d'amore" from Les Contes d'Hoffmann, just came on my itunes.  Brings back memories from when I sang that duet with another Nicole.  : )

Tomorrow we go back to Meiningen, which is a larger city with an opera house, and more specifically, with John's vocal coach, Barbara.  We're trying to get her back to the States with us for a bit, but for now we will soak up as much of her as we can.

Please click on these to see them bigger.  They are worth it.

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