Sunday, July 1, 2012


About a month before our move, John and I decided to go through the pantry and start eating things so we wouldn't have to pack them.  Quite a few things got pushed to the back and were forgotten until we dug through and unveiled them.  One of those things: A bag of brown sushi rice from Earth Fare.  "Well, tomorrow is sushi night then!"

You see, we've done seared ahi tuna before.  And certainly, we've put together some good rice bowls before.  This sushi thing, however, is something we were still kinda fresh at.  We had the rolling mat from some uses before, but we hadn't done it with brown rice before.  Plus, the last ones we're kind of messy.

But, as you can see, this attempt was spot on.  We were so delighted at how easy we found preparing the brown rice.  Then we threw in our favorite ingredients, in this case tuna, salmon, cucumber, cream cheese, and sesame seeds, and drizzled them with sriracha and yum yum sauce!

And we made a lot!  They were devoured in about 30 minutes time, I'm ashamed to say.

We found them easy to make and easy to repeat.  And the brown rice eased our conscience about eating healthy.  We now have sushi as a staple.  You may be jealous now.

In other news:  It's hotter than a B**ch in Columbia, SC!

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