Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sausage and Cheese Grits

So, I meant to take pictures of this before the bowl was empty.

But it was so, so good.

Sausage and Cheese Grits:

1 cup Yellow Grits
3 cups Chicken Stock
1 can Condensed Cheddar Soup
1/5-3/4 lb of Spicy Sausage
1/2 cup Shredded Cheese of your choosing (Cheddar is great here!)

Boil grits and Chicken Stock in a medium pot until thick and creamy.  Add can of condensed soup, and sliced sausage.  Simmer for 5-10 min to let the flavors blend together.  When you are ready to eat, stir in the shredded cheese until completely incorporated.  This would be really awesome with bacon on top!

John and I have been playing with chocolate an awful lot lately.  Things to look forward to?  I think yes.

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