Monday, March 21, 2011

Carolina's Flowering Trees

Oh, the glorious return of internet!!!!

We now start the journey of catching up.  So much to catch up.  So. Much.

We start by identifying that spring is sprung.  It sneaked up on me, without me realizing that the winter had finished.  I guess that's not a bad thing.  But where did March go?  For that matter, where did February go?  This seems a common theme in my life lately.  Perhaps I work too much?  

I already know the answer to this.

This marks my first spring in Columbia, South Carolina, which has filled my life with so much beauty.  It seems that every single tree here flowers.  How wonderful!  So, I give you the flowering trees of Columbia!  A set of photos that is quickly growing with each beautiful day.

I believe these are Japanese Flowering Cherry Trees.  Notice the bees that swarm them.  

I got buzzed a few times taking these pictures.

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