Thursday, December 2, 2010

Goodbye Thanksgiving, Hello December!!

As I listen to my Christmas playlist, I cannot believe how fast the holidays are flying by.  I remember gearing up for Halloween, only to see it go by, quickly followed by Thanksgiving.  Why can't I enjoy the holidays?  Oh right, because I work all the damn time.  Well, at least, on that front, I've almost saved up enough to pay for a good portion of my school next semester.  Minimal loans for me!  Well, I say that now...

Anyway, I was able to sneak off for a few days down to Florida to see my family for Thanksgiving.  John and I split time between our families, two days with mine in Jax, a day and a half with his sister in Gainesville.  Hectic, lots of driving, but well worth it.

Thanksgiving morning presented us with a beautifully foggy morning.  As soon as I came downstairs in my pajamas and looked out the window I gasped and ran around trying to find my camera.  I threw on some shoes and a pullover and ran outside in my pajamas snapping pictures of my neighborhood.  I'm not sure how the neighbors felt about that.

My neighborhood is in a little nook where the Arlington River flows into the St. John's.  All of the houses around us are on the river.  The fog flows in from it, then the ancient oak trees trap it in.  It's a wonderful feeling.

Once the sun came out full force, it burned most of the fog off and presented a beautifully pleasant day.  That Florida sun.  I do appreciate being able to lay out on New Years Day...

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