Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Europe Revisited: Vienna

The Gothic church of St. Stephen's 
Vienna is such a great town.  Ringstrasse brings you to so much as it loops around the city, separating the old from the new, but also joining them together.  There were so many modern elements to the city, the capital and cultural epicenter of Austria, but also so much rich tradition.  The old palaces and jewels remain from the Hapsburg Empire as a perfect shrine to their history. 

Schloss Belvedere.
Vienna is filled with beautiful palaces from the Hapsburg Empire including this one and Schloss Schonbrunn, each with beautiful baroque gardens.

Gee, which ones are the Americans...?  Look at all that Vera Bradley. Blech. 

On the way back we visited the beautiful town of Melk, Austria, known for the Melk Monastery.

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  1. Your photos are gorgeous. I love St. Stephen's Cathedral and the Altstadt. I especially love the cool guys surfing in the canal!