Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Found in the Sand

I'm still working on my pictures from recent vacation.  
Taking sunset picture after sunset picture became boring to me, so I shifted my focus to the sand and the myriad of creatures it had to offer.  

Never had I stooped so low and looked so silly as when I was taking these pictures.
My butt got wet from waves several times, but not my camera!

From top left:
1- one of those living seaweed-ish things that wash up occasionally.
2- a dead crab
3- mini "shark-eye" shell
4- brittle star in tide pools
5- coquinas with foot extended
6- Corona bottle cap
7- Sand piper looking for food
8- Mr. crab (juvenile crab species)


  1. these pictures are fabulous! now I wanna go to the beach!

  2. heyyy...nice to see your pictures!!! Great! I invite you on my photo`s blog! I visit you from now on!